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> Sometimes even my wonderful dh calls what we are doing, “doing nothing”
> about behavior issues. It can look like nothing compared to the active
> controlling and punishing of traditional parenting.
> Robyn L. Coburn

But it isn't nothing. I remember Jayn and Ren's little one too. I love
following everything I hear about the kids I met at the conference. You and James
and Jayn stick in my mind esp., I was the one asking my daughter to find my
son so he could have a stick to play with.

It isn't "nothing" that you are doing. You are treating her like an
intelligent being with a mind of her own. It didn't look like you were doing nothing.
But I feel like that at times with Frankie and Caitlin, who are my 9 and 11
year old. I feel like people (like my mom or other family members) think I
have gone nuts because they "answer me like that" and that "I allow it"

What's really cool is when I see it working. And Frank and I were talking
the other night about reading and how the kids may not get it right away but it
comes along. Even though we talked about it, he's still trying to get
Frankie to sound it out. But the things he said made me hopeful about his thinking
process. So when he tells frankie to sound it out, I cringe but I don't say
anything, because Frankie says OH DAD, never mind. And Frank sees the
communication shutting off himself.

It's not really that he can't read. He has better things to do right now,
and he is only 9. We had some sightword flash cards out the other night and we
were making sentences with them. I started with pet pig. He ended it with
Pet pig is on drugs, using the alphabet cards to spell drugs. Then he said Get
a grip pet pig. And we laughed. His thinking sounds great. This is why
there is no interest for young readers. He is thinking beyond that.


I did buy mathblaster, readingblaster and spymaster, and the kids are having
fun with that. Frankie wouldn't touch it until he saw his sister having fun
with it. They especially enjoy the spymaster. I had thought they would
because it looked like too much work to me, and that's the kind of stuff they like.
Me, I like books. I'm learning not to push my love of books on them. I just
read. And the cool thing was Alyssa came to me, asked me what it was about,
and just nodded. I didn't say you should read it.

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