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Do these types of schools accept unschoolers?<<<<<<<

ALL schools accept unschoolers (except maybe Bob Jones and the like! <g>).
There may be more hoops to jump through in some than in others (large state
schools seem to be tougher than smaller schools). Many schools are seeking out
unschoolers, as the kids they've recently had as students are SO interested and
interesting----as opposed to the typical high school graduates.

I'm sitting in on a Sociology-101 class right now. It's pathetic to look
around and see the apathy on the kids' faces. They're PAYING (or at least Daddy's
paying for them) to be there. They don't WANT to be there. They are so

Cameron and I are very involved in the class----asking questions, answering
questions, interjecting jokes, etc. The only other one in the class that gives
a rat's butt is the young man sitting next to me. He's Middle Eastern and glad
to be there. The other kids are sleeping (one actually SNORED!), doing
homework from another class, day-dreaming, chatting with each other. And this is NOT
a boring class. Teacher is very animated and interesting and bright and

It's a night class. He said he prefers the night classes to day classes
because he usually gets more adults that sign up. The kids are ALWAYS like this!



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