Penn Acres

Spraypainting snow. Put "colored water"
in anything that will "spray".-squirt-dribble
Food coloring-kids paints of anykind-unsweetened kool-aid-
Spray containers-dump your soap-window cleaner-into something else-you can put it back later if you want to.small spray containers are available at garden stores-dollar stores-
Draw faces-outline each other with a stick in the snow-spray around the lines with the colors-color lines to make big house plans-arrows-pointing north-south etc with "signs". "modern art" for toddlers or the so inclined.
faces on snowmen
carve snow chunks with old bread knives to make snowmen if the snow isnt sticky -join the chunks with some water to freeve them together if it is real cold out.
pour some in plastic bowls-let it freeze outside or in the freezer-put a tea candle or candle stub in and let it burn in the dark where they can see it from the window. Put it in your "snowmans" "hands"

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