Hi, I read this today from another list that I'm on. A mom asked
for advice on how to handle her DD who is getting into a lot of
trouble in the first grade for talking and wanting to socialize. I,
of course, suggested that she pull the child out of school (the mom
actually said that she had thought about homeschooling). Only one
other person on the list suggested the same thing. The following is
a response from a first grade teacher who is on the list.

"I first would encourage her to understand that she has
to get her work done. It is her JOB right now. Also talk to her
about how talking to her friends keeps her and her friends from
getting the job done. Many times, I have found that boredom is NOT
the case in a situation like this.....the child just does not want to
do the work because they would rather waste time and talk. Many kids
today are so used to having instant gratification. They don't want to
spend time to get anything done. I am not saying that this is the
case with your daughter, but this is a common problem with this age."

OMG, I was starting to get really upset at this point in reading the
post. I'm sure all of you can understand why. :) The I read the
next paragraph.

"Homeschooling would give your daughter the attention that she needs.
I am hoping to get our bills down to a point that I only have to
work part time or even better, stay at home because I don't want my
little ones going to public school. The teachers are great, but the
system has many problems, the teachers are losing control of the
classroom because of programs and paperwork being forced upon us. In
the past 8 years of teaching, it has changed so much. I am looking
for another position within the district that is technology based or
I will be looking again at charter schools."

Hmm....if a teacher (who teaches in your district) is telling you to
home school, don't you think that you should?


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melissa4123@... writes:
Hmm....if a teacher (who teaches in your district) is telling you to
home school, don't you think that you should?<<<<

I understand what you're saying.<g>

But if a school teacher's telling me *anything*, I'd have to think twice
about it! <BWEG>


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