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Anyone in Tampa or St Petersburg?

My family's going down the first weekend in March. What to do? Where to go?
What not to miss? We're staying @ St Petersburg Beach.



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It's been a few years since we've been there, but a "must see" for us
when we return for a visit is the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. It is so
amazing! We're looking forward to taking our kids there soon. :)

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> My family's going down the first weekend in March. What to do? Where
> to go? What not to miss? We're staying @ St Petersburg Beach.


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> Anyone in Tampa or St Petersburg?
> My family's going down the first weekend in March. What to do?
Where to go?
> What not to miss? We're staying @ St Petersburg Beach.
> Thanks!
> ~Kelly

I'm in the Tampa area. What kind of stuff do you and your kids
like? How old are they?

There's Busch Gardens in Tampa. The beaches of course. The Museum
of Science and Industry. Florida Aquarium. Tampa Museum of Art.
Visit Historic Ybor City. Disney World is about 1 1/2 hours from
here. The sponge docks at Tarpon Springs. NY Yankees spring
training at Legends Field. Lowry Park Zoo. Most of these are in
Tampa. I don't know St. Pete too well, but it's really pretty.
I'll see if I think of anything else.


Lisa H


We had a great time hunting for a letterbox in St. Petes. The "snowbird" box was an adventure to a Caluso Indian Mound (an archeological site right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood with really cool trees that you don't see up north) For clues go to: http://www.geocities.com/samanark/Clues/FL/snowbird/
There are other boxes in the area as well. If you are not familiar with letterboxing check out: http://www.letterboxing.org/ Letterboxing combines orienteering (map reading), treasure hunting and artistry. In the case of the snowbird box it also included local history. Look up Caluso Indian on the web for more information. For my older niece and my younger dd they enjoyed hearing about the history (my self as well). My 10yo dd could care less. But had a great time hunting for the box.

And nearby the snowbird box, in St Petes is the St. Petes Clay Company. A really cool space for ceramic artists at work. Its a renovated train depot, the oldest of it's kind in Florida and deemed a historical site. Outside there are many different types of kilns and firing processes. Every time we've been there's something going on outside and/or inside to captivate the kids. Last time an artist was working in the common space and allowed my dd's to work with his clay which enable those of us who were interested to really browse the space. There's always a show in the front gallery and good bookstore. Supplies are sold if you need them.

St Petersburg has a center for the arts that i have yet to visit but they often have interesting programs for the whole family.

St Petes has a growing artists community rebuilding the outskirts of downtown. Downtown has some interesting architecture. If you are down town St. Petersburg and like to shop there's a very pleasant outdoor mall named "Bay Walk" in an old architectural structure with very contemporary stores. If you go look for "5 Fish" (that's my sister-in-laws store) and say hello for us. They have fun 100%cotton clothes decent quality. There's a big movie theater there as well.

Also - north of Clearwater is Tarpon Springs - sponge capitol of the "world"? Well anyway - it's a Greek community with some great food, lots of stores, easy to walk around - they have street festivals often. I enjoyed the handmade soap shop. Look for the candle shop near the Tarpon Springs aquarium - they decorate candles in the store. Next door to that is another "5 Fish" store - say hi to my brother-in-law! Oh and don't forget the sponges, sponges, sponges. Great gifts for friends back home.

I asked the girls what they liked best and both agreed the boat trips. In Tarpon Springs you can take a glass bottom boat out to see sponges etc. They also enjoyed the boat ride from the Tampa Aquarium into Tampa Bay. For me it was an historical education in the corporate devastation of our natural environment - the girls enjoyed it even though we didn't see any dolphins.

The Aquarium is spectacular. If you need a day out of the sun. But be sure to get there early. There is so much to do.

Also - a really nice beach is the state park at the very southern tip of St. Petes beach. You have to cross over some smaller islands to get there...but it's a nice escape from the crowds and commercial hoopla on the main drag of St. Petes beaches. I enjoyed the historical aspect of the park as well.

Great bird watching!

Enjoy your trip.
Lisa Heyman.

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