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2003 Live & Learn Unschooling Conference tapes are in and available!


2003 Conference Program (contains all speakers notes) $4
2003 Conference Cassette Tapes Available $7
Sandra Dodd's tapes will be available soon. If you would like to order them
we will put them on backorder and ship them as soon as they come in
Hard Thinking Made Easy - Sandra Dodd (Backorder)
Sometimes people fear to think. Have you had many unauthorized thoughts?
Would you like to have many more? Think where no thoughts have gone before.
Changing the World- Sandra Dodd (Backorder)
Now what? Look where you are and look what you're doing! Changing the world.
Eyewitness to Unschooling - Sandra Dodd and Pam Sorooshian
It can seem that your own family's unschooling might be a lucky fluke, until
you see it working in another family. Pam and Sandra have known each other
(and kids and husbands) since 1996. Each will tell tales of the other's kids at
various stages and ages from five to eighteen years old, having seen them in
many different places and situations over the years.
The Journey of a Lifetime - Mary Gold
Unschooling is as much about us as it is about our children. In choosing the
unschooling path we have the opportunity to join in our children's journey of
discovery; and in doing so, to let go of our preconceived notions of learning.
Join Mary as she shares the experience of her family's trek from schooling to
unschooling and discusses how they learned to embrace this journey of a
Making Connections - Anne Ohman
Making conscious connections is vital in our unschooling lives, for our
children and for ourselves. Join Anne as she discusses the importance of making
connections with the world around us, with each other in our relationships, and
with our true Selves. She'll explore the many ways our children learn through
making connections, and offer practical suggestions for facilitating their
Joy of Math - Pam Sorooshian
Relax! It is human nature to observe, organize, categorize, sort, compare,
contrast, combine, separate, and otherwise play around with math. Learning is
intrinsically joyful and learning math is no exception. You don't need to
"unschool everything but math!" Even if you, yourself, suffer from math anxiety, you
can avoid passing that on to your kids and you can have a good time
supporting them as they gain competency and confidence in mathematics. What do they
need to learn? How will they learn it? What about algebra? Get your questions
answered and be inspired!
Rules vs Principles - Ben Lovejoy
Ben Lovejoy explores the definition differences between "rules" and
"principles" and bridges that to a discussion of family rules vs. family principles. He
will list some family rules and facilitate an exercise to turn these rules
into principles. Finally, he will state his family's own guiding
Unschooling the Highly Sensitive / Out of Sync Child - Anne Ohman and Mary
Join Anne and Mary as they discuss the traits of highly sensitive / out of
sync children and the blessings they bring into the world, as well as the
challenges that accompany them. They'll talk about their journey with their own
children and how unschooling has freed their spirit, minimized the challenges, and
allowed their true Selves to shine.
Unschooling to Harvard - Maureen Carey
Maureen Carey will share the experience of the final phase of sixteen years
of unschooling, supporting her daughter Aidin through the process of applying
to college. And how they survived the only crisis of confidence in all those
years, waiting for "the big envelope or the small envelope," that indicates
admission or rejection. She will explain what the Harvard Dean of Admissions told
her was the reason Aidin was admitted and given a scholarship that will pay
for all of her tuition and fees.
2002 Conference Program (contains all speakers notes) $4
2002 Conference Cassette Tapes Available $6
Learning, Yes. Schooling, No Thank You - Luz Shosie and Ned Vare
We'll talk about how we unlearned years of schooling and trusted our son to
direct his own education. And we'll answer your questions about how unschooling
really works.
My Parents Trusted me - Fiona Hutchison
My parents trusted me to live on my own in New York City as young as 13 years
old. My "schooling" was extremely limited and relatively ignored (my father
used to say, "F is for fantastic, my dear!"), but my "education" was rich and
colorful and intense. I will give a brief account of my unschooling life and
then be happy to answer any questions you may have about a teen on her own. I
certainly don't have all the answers to how unschooling works, but I can tell
you what worked for me when I was given the freedom to pursue my dreams

Unschooling as Mindful Living - Anne Ohman
As an educational choice, unschooling has infinite benefits. Yet unschooling
can also bring so much more into our family's lives when we allow it to be
used on a greater scale - as a path to more mindful living. Come explore Mindful
Unschooling with Anne Ohman, and we'll discuss how to not only free and
empower your children through unschooling, but also bless your own life in rewarding
and enlightening ways.

Unschooling Changes - Lisa Bugg
The old adage, "nothing remains constant but change", should be the maxim for
all unschoolers. Unschooling demands that we challenge our long held beliefs
about children and education. The changes we move through, while welcome, are
at times very stressful. And then, just when we think we have our educational
philosophy pinned down, the children change! Many adolescents have sent their
unschooling parents scurrying for support when they come in and demand A PLAN.
Your budding 8 year old, who still wants to be a firefighter, turns around;
and you discover a 17 year old who wants to work in the matter-antimatter lab
over at NASA. Let's talk about how unschooling changes us, as we move through
our ever-changing lives.
Out of Sync Child - Lisa Bugg and Anne Ohman's
In this open discussion/funshop, we're going to talk about how unschooling is
so perfect for your *out of sync* child. Together, we'll share our
experiences with our children, and we'll do our best to answer each other's questions,
Why You Can't Let Go - Joyce Fetteroll
Do you secretly lust after the perfect math program? Do you dog ear all the
pages in homeschooling catalogs and end up feeling guilty for not doing enough?
Do you sometimes envy the school at homers because they have it all planned
out for them? Let's talk about why packaged learning is so appealing and
explore some ways that may help you let go.
Reluctant Husbands/Reluctant Fathers - Ben Lovejoy
Ben Lovejoy, recently an unschooling father and husband, facilitates a
roundtable discussion about the unique opportunities and challenges which face
fathers and husbands in an unschooling home. Topics intended for discussion
include: 1) Why unschooling?, 2) "You're doing WHAT?" and numerous other questions
from family and friends, 3) What about sports, college, and other "organized"
rites of passage into adulthood? 4) What do I have to offer when their mom does
all the fun things with the kids? and 5) Whose life is it anyway? This
discussion isn't just for fathers, husbands, or males; nor is it intended to anwer
all of our questions. It's merely a discussion to help us all along our
unschooling journey.

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