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We, people on those sources named right above have received a few dozen
apologies from people who will say "I thought you were all mean and crazy,
but then
I figured out what you were talking about," or "When I first read about
unschooling it seemed neglectful nonsense, but now..."<<<<<<<<

I got one of those recently. It's below. I've omitted the name, but I've
included everything but her name so's not to reveal the writer of the "e-pology".
It was very sweet to receive (but I've gotten plenty of hate mail too, so....


*****Dear Kelly,

First, I want to apologize to you for our interaction of 8 to 10 weeks ago or
more. I insulted you and my insult was unwarranted and came from a place of
ignorance. I apologize sincerely. I hope that you will forgive me. I am
wholly sorry.

Since then, I have done a lot more reading and a lot less talking/posting. I
have come to a much fuller understanding of unschooling. I still have some
questions, but I can understand where so many of the long-time unschoolers are
coming from, and how dedicated you are to helping people enjoy the lifestyle
without regret and worry.

I had wanted to write you an apology some time ago, but never did--obviously.
It was your post today, which actually brought tears to my eyes for much of
it, that reminded me to waste no more time and set my thoughts down and send
them to you.

Your post about your experience with television and your boys is so
inspirational. I still feel slightly scared about it, but I'm not writing for you to
give me.... I'm writing really just to apologize.

Thank you for taking the time to write this post.

Warm regards,******

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