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>>>>>If unschoolers believe that kids learn to read when they are ready, how
can you explain the Millions of Americans that cant read? And as I understand
it, most of these people went to school and some even graduated! They are
exposed to a lot of books, Like unschoolers are, but yet they do not read. I was
laying in bed last night wondering about that! You guys always have such
excellent advice and great comments, I thought Id ask you!<<<<<<

They went to school, you say! Unbelievable! And GRADUATED! My word! Did you
know there was a "non-reading degree" given at a small college here in
Columbia, SC? Really. A "non-reading degree"! Go figure.

All those illiterates have been coerced into learning before they were ready.
Given time, understanding, patience, and the written word, a healthy child
with an engaging parent will inevitably read by playing. It's just another part
of the unschooling world.

Those that become illiterate adults are not "playing" at reading: they are
WORKING at reading. Doing something they find hard and/or unpleasant because
someone else is forcing them to.

Play will result in learning painlessly. Work will result in resentment and


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