I do not recieve posts via email, I check them at the group web
site. There was a link on the home page with this information. Just
thought I would pass it along.

Dear Yahoo! Groups Members,

Due to a recent outbreak of computer viruses being transmitted via
email messages, Yahoo! Groups is experiencing delays in delivering
group messages. To improve performance, and to help reduce the spread
of viruses, Yahoo! Groups has had to temporarily reject some

Based on an advisory posted by a leading anti-virus company, Groups
will temporarily reject messages with the following subject lines:

Mail Delivery System
Mail Transaction Failed
Server Report
If you have attempted to post a message to Yahoo! Groups and have
received a rejection notice with a link to this page, your computer
may have been infected. If you are confident that your computer is
not infected but your message was rejected, please try posting a new
message with a subject line which is different than those listed

We can assure you that this is only a temporary measure and hope to
restore message delivery to normal as soon as possible.

The Yahoo! Groups Team