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Wow! I checked out the one step ahead "rainy day combo" and the IKEA sets.
What a great idea! When my son was a baby, we had a toddler swing handing
from beams in the basement. Then we finished the basement into a playroom and
don't have the beams anymore, they are above the drop ceiling!
But the swing in the doorway looks great! I'm wondering... for those of you
who have them... the one step ahead swing doesn't actually screw into the
doorway, so how is it sturdy enough to stay up holding a larger child (weight
rated to 100lbs)? I don't want it to come down on my son's head while swinging.
Also, I'm not sure our door frame overhead would be sturdy enough to hang
hooks into for holding the weight of a swing (the IKEA model hangs from hooks).
Gee, we have a small slide inside. When we get that trampoline (which I've
been hoping to find at a garage sale in the summer, but want now)....we'll be a
big indoor playground. Now, just need a big refrigerator box to make some

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