<<Holly and I went to Target last night. Took our time. Mostly socks and
underwear, one toy she knew she wanted before she got there, a pair of new
kid-Fiskars, a box of cereal on sale. Leisurely, warm, safe, not too far from home.>>

Or check out check out a different one! <g>

To fight the stir-crazies we tried out something new this week - the kids had never been skiing. We spent a couple days at my Mom's and went to the ski hill where she is a member (at least for the first day - only one of the three kids enjoyed it so we changed our plans for day 2). And just change of location for a couple days helps.

It was fun, but that evening my daughter and I checked out "her" Wal-Mart and had a great time! Quite different stock from ours, though she's only an hour away. My daughter found a dressing gown 60% off and a lace nightgown, we found an alarm clock and MIB on tape really cheap for my youngest son (he's 6 and loves MIB2 and has been playing constantly with his new clock), and I found Henry V on DVD (have never seen it before - our library doesn't have it - but after rave reviews here I'm eager to watch it). And we picked up some Krispy Kreme donuts there to take back for the eldest as a surprise.

It was snowing when we finally left, but we were in no rush so we drove back to my Mom's slowly and enjoyed watching blizzard. We were so excited the rest of the night about our great finds. :-)

Pam L

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pam sorooshian

On Jan 25, 2004, at 5:29 PM, 24hrmom wrote:

> It was fun, but that evening my daughter and I checked out "her"
> Wal-Mart and had a great time!

I'm a southerner --- Southern California, that is.

I went to Thornberry, Texas to visit some friends and had a blast on a
trip to Walmart. They had lard in BUCKETS!!! <G> They had big huge
boxes of frozen catfish. They had half an aisle of all kinds of
cornmeal (I thought there was only one kind in the world <G>). They
sold cowboy hats and boots and big silver belt buckles. And meat

Ours sells boogie boards and beach umbrellas.

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