pam sorooshian

When people subscribe to this list they are sent an email in which they
are asked to read for a couple of weeks, at least, before posting.

If they DO that, they usually will get a feel for the list and be less
likely to post things they don't really want input about or to post
things that are going to disrupt the list.

Some people complain about the 2 week reading period -- it is hard for
us to enforce because, first of all, we don't expect people new to a
list to just blatantly ignore the guidelines and, second, who has time
to keep checking if people have really waited their 2 weeks? PLUS - for
some people the two weeks isn't long enough to get a sense of the list
and other people go in and read archives for hours and have picked up
on what the list is really like in only a day or so.

But, as a listowner, I ask that all those who signed onto this list
less than two weeks ago please back out for a while, especially when
controversial issues are discussed.

Your questions will come up - you don't have to bring them up right
away. If you have a BURNING question that can't wait 2 weeks, go to
unschooling-dotcom message boards. Or write to me personally if you
need to - but hold off on posting to the list. We have many years of
experience and have learned that the list runs much more smoothly if
people will follow this request.

Pam Sorooshian, Co-Listowner