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There were 20 pending messages in the queue and rather than write separate
letters, I will say that some were deleted for being one or two word agreement
messages which then quoted long, long stretches of the post they were agreeing
with. If anyone feels the need to have had someone say "Yes!" assume it was
to one of yours.

Some were deleted for being purely about religion and not at all one bit
about the effect of religion on unschooling.

Some were deleted because the person had only been on the list for a few days
and was going on about things that weren't going to help others get to

Some were approved.

Sorry for the batch notification, but it can also serve as a reminder that
"Cool!" and "Right on!" are not important enough to fill up those digests and
mailboxes with, we should all try to stay no more than once-removed from topic
(twice-removed leads nowhere) and that people very new to the list should just
read for a week or two before posting.

Thank you; sorry; have a nice day.