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Amy wrote:

"I completely agree with this.  We used to live in the Washington, D.C. area,
with accordingly high-stress jobs and lots of time spent commuting.  We made
a conscious decision to sell our house and move to Vermont, specifically right
on Lake Champlain, to be closer to nature and give our daughter and any other
children in our lives (and US) a more simple, back-to-nature, joyful life. I
work from home now, and my husband works retail (that's what's available here
locally) -- our income dropped to 25% of what we had earned previously. "

Amy- we live near Albany, NY but are seriously considering moving up to the
Adirondack/Plattsburgh area (we have family there) for many of the same
reasons. We are worried about the logistics of jobs/retirement savings, etc. The
growing season is so short there too that I wonder how much of a garden we can
I'm wondering how your family is doing with the changes.

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