Karol Gale

Somehow, I inadvertantly deleted the post that gave me the information about quitting
my Charter
School and joining an isp. (I am not sure exactly what ISP stands for!! 8-)

Also, I believe the poster gave a link or phone number???? (In California)

I have been giving this a lot of thought and weighing the
pros and cons of stepping out of the Charter school now or waiting until the end of
year. Staying with the Charter means monthly samples of his work, grade cards and
ILPs , which I have not minded, but producing all of those will be a little more
if we begin UNschooling!

As I had mentioned previously, the Charter school pays for Kristopher's tutoring,
which he
loves. Also, they paid for tennis lessons last fall, and there are supposed to be
more lessons
this spring. Also, they will pay for PE classes as well as music and art classes.
These are
all things we cannot afford to pay for him to do.

Anyway, I apologize, I don't remember your name......could you post again? or write
me off list? Thanks.

Grandma to Kristopher