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How does auditing work? It was my impression that by auditing, you just
showed up for the class and participated, but received no grade, paid no fees, etc.
But then I heard that you DO still pay the tuition, etc. but receive no
grade. Does it vary by college? <<<<

Ummmmm.....it helps if you're best friends with the professor! <g>

Patrick is a good friend. He's been offering to let us sit in on his classes
for years. We finally took him up on it.

Patrick's a high school drop-out (tenth grade, eventually took the GED). He
enlisted in the army (he learned Czech & was a spy); he got an undergraduate
degree, went on for his Masters, and is ABD for his PhD in Sociology. He's a
huge John Holt fan. He is required by the University to give grades----so he asks
the students to tell him what they think they deserve! <g> As long as they
show up and do the work (minimal!), he gives them A's.

Cool Prof!

I told Cameron that, if he were interested in actually going for a grade and
credits later this semester (for the "some college" answer), we would sign him
up in Patrick's other class.

So I have no real answer for auditting----just our route right now.


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