Since it's been quite a while since I joined this list, I'll
introduce myself again.

I'm Linda, I live in Oregon with my husband and three children, 7,
5, and 2, and none of them have ever been to school. I fully believe
in unschooling theory, and I have been thrilled at how it has opened
up my own life, made me feel lighter, free-er, just generally less
stressed out. I am also thrilled to see my kids creating these
wonderful lives without being held back and harmed by school, or
school-at-home for that matter.

So far we haven't had any objections from the family (all friends
support us, even our dear friend who is a gradeschool teacher!) but
we do on occasion get the quizzing. I get very grouchy about that
and am trying to work on a better way of dealing with it.

Well, that's probably enough for now. Just so you know who I am when
I start posting. Oh, one more thing -- I've put together a page of
links to articles on educational issues:
cation.html (and if you snoop around my site you'll see I'm very
passionate about birth issues as well.)