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I have had to reread this a few times and just sit here awed. I have been
doing a lot of this all along but could never pin point it, label it I guess. I
mean the learning without reading part. It just makes so much sense, why in the
world can't more people see it?

Reading is a tool for learning but it's not all of learning. My younger son
does not care to read a lot now though he can. For the last 2 years we have
been listening to books on tape everywhere we go. We went from "How to Eat Fried
worms" to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" to "Undaunted Courage" and back. We
listen to kids books and adult books and we talk, we talk about the story, the
words (what are galoshes?), of the hardships (take a trip and build your own
canoe along the way!!) and even sex Ed (venereal disease was rampant among
Lewis and Clarks men).

I once asked someone if they thought blind people are still able to learn?
(Braille aside) (This was to illustrate my point)

I love when something I read goes click, click, click in my head. Sandra this
article just put so much right in my head, thanks!
Laura Buoni
Off to the ski slopes...again {{sigh}}

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Thanks for the positive feedback, Laura.

I found a little error in there and have repaired it.

"In school it can be hard to learn without reading, or at least hard to do
the worksheets and answer the questions at the ends of the chapters. Reading is
not such a separate thing at school. <p>"

It used to say "Learning is not such a separate thing..." but that was
finger-glitch, brain-burp. Should've said "Reading," I think. If I remember why I
might've meant "Learning," I might change it back. <g>