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I was doing some reading at the NHEN website this evening when I came across
a story written by Mark Hegener titled "Crafting Ships". This paragraph stood

<<What was his lesson in all of this drilling and sawing and sanding? Was
there a lesson for me as well? Who dare put a value on it? There will be no
portfolio material produced with this lesson. The project will probably not even
rate precious display case status for very long, because there are always so
many of these projects and we have many children doing them.>>

It made me think of all the times these past few years that I have wrestled
with myself to let go of wanting to record each moment like this. All the
little self initiated projects my kids start, some get finished, some don't. All
the while they are learning, geesh, I even start to dislike that word sometimes,
all the while they are doing what? How do we describe just living and
following ones heart? All the while that is going on I too have a lesson going on,
that of watching and enjoying and learning that not everything along the path
has to be photographed or put in a scrapbook for some reviewer down the road.
There will be enough to present to the reviewer at the end of the year and
something's are just meant to be done for their own sake. To be enjoyed for that
time and not to worry what anyone is getting out of it. I have been learning to
calm myself down to let living happen. Just daily living, trusting and moving
Laura Buoni

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