Barb Eaton

Thanks, I'll try that. I think it is new stuff. I already know about
that other wallpaper. We had that in our old house. Boy was it a bear to get
off. I've got to get to bed. I haven't stayed up this late for quite a
while. ;-)

Barb E
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> If it's fairly recent wallpaper it's probably "strippable", which means you
> can peal the top of the paper off just by grabbing an edge and pulling. The
> the rest of the paper and the glue would still be on the wall. Spray it
> with plain water, wait about five minutes, then peal it off too. Wash the
> walls and you're ready to go. If it's really old wallpaper, call in a
> professional. (You don't really have too, but non-strippable wallpaper is a
> b*tch to get off.)
> Marjorie