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<<<Now I am sure that is ture but all I remember thinking is: YOU ARE
OFF THE LIST (of potential friends)LOL! Me and my friend always use
that joke when we meet these really anal moms. There is no way I
can maintain a friendship that requires ironing sheets...if I get
them washed and back on the bed we are really having a great week

Olga :)>>>>>

I have that 'list' too, but mostly with spanking and heavy smoking. I live in a small town and *all* the moms spank and/or smoke. I don't/won't be friends with someone who thinks spanking their kids will impress me or who won't stop doing it around me and my kids. I also have problems with having friends who are outside most of their visit smoking. I feel snobbish and bitchish about it sometimes but..?. Also I don't think a supper neat freak could stand to be in my house for very long. :-D I've given up having a clean house for having happy kids, in our house the two don't coexist.

On a personal laundry note. Our crib has been the basement laundry deposit for years (we family bed with the wee ones). All the hampers get dumped in the crib then sorted into the appropriate box dark,light,colours. If you want it washed right away you put it directly into the box. Also everything in our house gets machine washed (except dh suits and a few special pieces of mine) if it doesn't survive the machines it is not 'worthy' (insert impression of Mike Myers). We have several 'dry-clean only' 'hand wash' items that have survived years of machining. With 4 kids, the oldest just turned 9 on Friday, I'm just starting to catch up with all the work I left till later while having Babies.

Teresa in Canada

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<<Our crib has been the basement laundry deposit for years (we
family bed with the wee ones).
Teresa in Canada>>

Once I realized just how easy it was the have my DD sleep with me
and how much more sleep I got, this is exactly what we did with our
crib! :-) Of course, when my MIL (she bought the crib) came over,
we cleaned the laundry out and made it look like we at least used it
for nap time (which we didn't, she mostly slept on the couch...still
does, as a matter of fact).