"What I said was had one of mine done it, I would have been stunned. I've had
three kids who didn't do it. I didn't give them drinks that weren't in
kid-cups, though, either, so that's part of it perhaps. But I gave them lots of chances to pour liquids in appropriate places and times."

I had three that didn't either. Good thing you didn't have that fourth child!!:)
I have a child that regardless of advice to the contrary, regardless of how much water play, playdough etc... we give him he WILL smash playdough into innappropriate places and pour liquids in the damndest spots and generally wreck havoc. Three of mine did not, the fourth does.

This doesn't mean I just clean up his disasters without showing him the appropriate place to put liquids, or spit or whatever it happens to be that day...but he is just one of those very high spirited, intense individuals. I do give him drinks in the car though, and he's done fairly well with those.
I've noticed that if he's getting tired or hungry or bored we get more intense behavior (of course) so most of the time it is still ME that can head things off at the pass.
There are usually creative solutions to help even intense three year olds function with balance in mind for the entire family...BUT, I've never had a child that did things like Jalen does or contain the amazing amount of energy he possesses. He is also intensely loving and joyful, a truly incredible human being.
I just feel bad for all the times the other kids get slighted because he requires so much time and attention.


"I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."
Albert Einstein

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> And Holly wanted to hear the themesong to The Courtship of Eddie's Father,
> because someone sang part of it in a game we were playing. I couldn't
> remember
> it all. She asked again, and I said I'd see if I could find it on tape,
> but
> I really doubt that would be on tape while things like Taxi and Muppet
> Babies
> still aren't. <g> So I went to google, and two clicks got me a recording
> of
> the theme song, with words to read along to.

Oh, I couldn't help but laugh in joy at this!

I was desperately trying to remember the lyrics to *Rubber Ducky* from Sesame
Street. (You remember Ernie singing, *Rubber ducky, you're the
make bathtime so much fun...?) I'd been torturing a friend of my daughter's with
it for days -- actually we'd been torturing each other because he claimed to
be able to remember the whole song but wouldn't share it with me, so I just
kept singing the first two lines over and over again. <beg>

At any rate, it finally hit me like a thunderbolt. I googled *Rubber Ducky*
and came up, first hit, with the full lyrics and a recording, so I got the
little doo-wops in correctly and EVERYTHING!

Boy, did I look forward to seeing that kid again.

Laura B.

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