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I live near Albany, NY and the conference is not too far from here. I am
considering attending this year but have never attended a homeschool
before and am wondering if the Live & Learn Conference is always in the same
place or does it move around the country? My son is not yet school age and
trying to decide if I should go this year while it is close by before I lose
my chance at having it only a few hours away. I am also thinking of going to
the New England Homeschool & Family Learning Conference (not strictly
unschooling), has anyone been to this before?
Oh, do come! The last couple of years it was in SC, this year in MA. Don't
know whether it will happen again.

I, with my son, have been to the conference in Boxborough. It's VERY schooly,
with all kinds of curriculum vendors. They do a couple nods to unschooling,
sometimes. It's also very Christian, although they don't claim to be.

The same people publish a homeschooling newspaper. This last issue had an
anti-feminist article by Phyllis Schlafly in it.


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