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Hi folks!
We have a big change on the Conference Web Site: Registration is OPEN!

For those who don't know: The 2004 Live and Learn Unschooling Conference will
take place in Peabody, Massachusetts (near Boston) August 27-29 at the
Mariott Hotel. Speakers will include Barbara Sher, author of Wishcraft, Valerie
Fitzenreiter, author of The Unprocessed Child, Anne Ohman, Sandra Dodd, Pam
Laricchia, and Ben Lovejoy.

There will be a panel of Unschooled Teens, the Talent Show, a Contradance,
the Raffle, and much, much more. We're also planning a Book Sale. Donate your
unneeded books, games, etc. to the Scholarship Fund and pick up some treasures

One of the most exciting things we have planned is a Whale Watch out of
Gloucester on Sunday afternoon after the conference. Tickets last season were $30
for adults and $18 for children, and are going up for next season. However, we
got a deal of only $16 per person for the 4-5 hour trip! There will be a
naturalist onboard, a full galley, etc. You can take a look at their site here:
http://www.captainbillswhalewatch.com/index.html Think about Whale Watching with

We're still working on plans for the conference and the site will be updated
regularly. Go to www.LiveandLearnConference.org for more details.

Kathryn Baptista, Conference Coordinator

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-=-=-=-=I am new to the board and have been reading for a couple of weeks now. I am interested to learn more about the Live and Learn Conferences that have been referenced to in the discussions; are they annual and where do they meet? When and where is the next one?


They are, so far, annual. The first two years, we met in Columbia, South Carolina. Last year, we were in Peabody, MA (just outside of Boston). This year we are in Fairview Heights. IL, which is just over the river from St Louis, MO. It'll be October 6-9. The website is:


We're expecting over 700 unschoolers from all over the country and Canada (any Aussies coming yet? <g>). It's a wonderful weekend full of great people!

Don't miss it!