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No...the neighbor who called DSS was my next door neighbor, one I've had problems with ever since moving into this house with. This person showed up in our lives last summer when she moved into the neighborhood, but has only begun to be a problem since this fall. It just built slowly...a favor here, a favor there..something else there, another thing there...

Yes, I'm HSing legally; but if DSS thinks I'm overwhelmed or anything they can petition for legal custody and put them all in school/daycare even if they don't remove the children. Not that they WILL necessarily, but that they COULD.

The only thing I'm really needing to do with Megan (and all of them), I think, is be home and playing more than on the road helping out someone else.

I'm trying really hard not to beat myself up right now...I'm back on Paxil for PPD by the way if that also helps anyone to understand all of this mess that once was my life. But I wanted to meet people, and I've managed to only meet people who aren't really doing us any good. One is a major drain on us, and one isn't so much a drain as just..well, she's a drain in a couple different ways although she does reciprocate with things and truly enjoys my children and doesn't disparage the way I'm raising them......we have more of a real friendship but here lately because of this other person I haven't even had time to say hello to this friend!

Anyway, Susan, thanks for your kind words. I do know you from another list or two, and it's good to see you here.


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