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<< My 13-this-month daughter STILL loves Arthur. >>

Holly's twelve and she and her 14 year old homeschooled friend talk about
Arthur a lot. They analyze characters and situations.

Monday afternoon she got all involved with an old Super Nintendo game on
which you can compose music (a Mario something), and she played with so much
concentration that she looked up after a while and said "Oh no!! I missed Arthur!"
She had missed Arthur by almost an hour, but had been so engrossed in making
songs that she had forgotten.

It's too school-based for my tastes, and I don't like the way the kids treat
each other sometimes, but Holly who has a pretty peaceful life seems to have a
vicarious need to observe families (real or not) where people don't get along
as well.

Makes sense.

I like the characterization of Arthur's dad a lot.

Holly likes his dog, who sang "Cheek to Cheek" about bacon (because she knows
the song through her Depression and Fred Astaire interests).