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<< I would love to hear from anyone who has teenagers who are unschooling who
are doing cool things. They need not to be terrified of speaking in public,
need to be planning to attend the Unschooling Conference in August
(www.LiveandLearnConference.org) . I have PLANS... >>

Marty could tell people about ork ball. <g> I don't know that it qualifies
as a "cool thing" in the way most people want to hear academic or financial
success. For a year, though, he's had kids over every Sunday, usually from 10
to 20, to play a game he made up. Some weeks too few to play are here, and
they do something different. But for "socializing," he's done much better for
social opportunity for a bunch of homeschooled teens (a few school kids show up
sometimes) than any of the parents have managed to do around here.

He's not too shy, he might just not be the most shining example of success.

Oh wait! The Jr. Police Academy. He was a stud there. <g>