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**Well....I know one of the leading Paleontologists in the entire WORLD did
not get a college degree, he hated school and dropped out twice. Jack Horner
has made some of the greatest discoveries in the world of Paleontology, and
after making a name for himself earned an honorary degree.**

Well, not exactly. He has written that he just couldn't get himself to do the
humanities requirements for a degree - but he took every undergraduate and
graduate course available in biology in geology. He describes himself as
dyslexic. (http://www.west.net/~ger/JackHorner.html) He was remarkably single minded
from a very young age. His is a remarkable story of persistance, and of
pursuing what one loves.

Jack Horner "First of all, you should know that I would've done this as a
hobby. When I went to school I of course took a lot of paleontology classes but I
also studied petroleum geology so that I could go out and get a job as a
petroleum engineer and look for fossils on the side. I would have been a truck
driver or anything else so long as I could look for fossils whether I got paid
for it or not."

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