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<<I guess. But what I so often see are very very sorrowful parents who
feel just horrible when things do go wrong, even if they do think they
did follow the experts advice and are bewildered by it not "working"
for them. I'm not sure they are thinking, "It couldn't be helped," so
much as trying to resolve problems the only way they know how - more
reliance on experts.>>

I see parents who wish they hadn't followed the experts' advice or let others
make all the decisions about their children but feel it is too late and
everything is lost. I know a lot of parents who feel this way about how public
school has treated their children. I see lots of parents who just give up.

<<I don't see very many relaxed parents.>>

Some parents don't relax *because* they feel that it's so important to follow
the experts--and with so many experts out there, all with their own ideas,
this can be very difficult. Some parents change their parenting style every
week in response to the latest fad with lots of fear that if they don't do this
they will be ruining their child.

I feel that the worst result of reliance on experts is when a parent decides
that the reason it hasn't worked must be that their child is just bad.


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