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>I don't have a doctor story, <

I know that even within the medical field it is accepted that college
education is not the be all and end all. I know Jackson (for this state and for his
FP certification) he must complete 150 CME credits ( I believe that is the
number) per year. Those credits can be seminars and conferences attended but
also medical or hospital meetings, medical journals, meetings with mentors and
experts in other medical specialties etc. All count toward those credits. Your
learning is varied, and does not stop once you receive your MD.

Also to specialize at all you need to go through residency which is very
little of what is considered "traditional book work" it is almost all mentoring,
group work, on the job training with a specialist, etc. Yes, you need to
attend college, and yes, you do need to pass a couple of board exams but that is
not the end of it.

I know it isn't a story about a doctor who never attended a day of college
but it was the best I could do.....
Pam G.

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