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Dh is a control freak, a loving wonderful control freak, but one none-the-less. He was one to repeatedly point out to the kids "That isn't a toy." or wanted all the sand to stay in the sandbox, period. He has been moving into a more accepting mode lately due to a leadership seminar that his anal "big oil" corporation sent him to. <go figure>....but it was all about seeing outside the box, recognizing the box for what it is and realizing you can use it or not. Made a big difference for dh.

He was sitting at the table with the kids yesterday, eating their "EasyBake oven" creations. Zach was reading the directions, Marsie was figuring out how long 10 minutes would be on the clock, the little guys were asking which number was which on the clock, Adriane asked about how can you cook with a lightbulb.....

All the sudden, dh says "crap" and shakes his head laughing. He says "I have been arguing against getting an Easybake for 2 years and here the kids are learning."

Yea...life is getting so much better.

Julie S.

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> Yea...life is getting so much better.

That's a cool story Julie, I will show it to my dh to let him see is not the
only one struggling. control freak is putting it mildly, but I guess I read
here daily and he reads not at all. Your post inspires me to support the dh some
Nancy in BC

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