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Our Brittany had puppies last night. It was incredible!
There was 5 in all. I thought one had passed away but it was just delayed in
the canal. I was just getting ready to reach up and pull it out thinking it
was gone and stuck. But a minute later she pushed him out.
I video taped most of it, sounds gross but it was just amazing!
My older two children watched a few being born. It was a long night as it all
began at 2am and ended at 5:38 am. I stayed up until 11am and took a short
nap. Hard to sleep listening to them im so afraid she will lay on them but so
far so good.

She had 4 boys and 1 girl. The girl was the smallest and the most white. I
have three "girl" wants on my list so im going in order of who requested first.
We already have one we have temp named tank as he was the first pup, fast to
latch and the biggest.
My son is asking to keep him.....

So its been a long exciting day and my body aches from sitting in the
whelping box with her for hours.
Thanks for reading I am soo excited. BUT glad I only have one as it was a
long night for her also.

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Elizabeth Roberts


That is SO cool!!! How wonderful for your children to experience that!


Why not?!

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