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> A woman I know who weaves and makes rugs for a living has a set of markers
> in her studio. Visitors are handed the box of markers and invited to write
> quotes they particularly like. The walls are completely covered with
> interesting reading.
> Tia

That's an awesome idea...one that "I" would love. Maybe in my new
sewing/quilting room. How cool!

Speaking of quotes, I love to gather old frames from flea markets and yard
sales and write quotes in them and hang them around the house. Sometimes I
even write one or two sentences from a book that inspires me . And I purposely
choose ones that will "inspire" the rest of the family or get them to think
about things. Very tricky...hahahaha.

I like to hang them in places where they will see them most often...while
on the phone, computer, doing laundry, dishes, etc. I even hang one in the
bathroom. And I change the quotes from time to time.

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