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Typically, we sleep in in the mornings and head to bed late, around 2230 to 2300. We started giving Sarah a "bedtime" when she started school, and we've kept that up thinking that if we didn't, she was more likely to act wild the next day. She doesn't necessarily have to go to sleep anymore since she's not getting up for school...but I was really beginning to feel like this was un-necessary to continue.

While I haven't said "Sarah you're not going to have a bedtime anymore" yet because I know Paul will still want to "send her to bed" at 2130, as far as I'm concerned when he isn't home and I am, then we'll do things my way.

So last night, Sarah said she wanted to stay up all night. I said "Oh, really? Go right ahead." Logan wanted to stay up as well. He ended up in his bedroom about 2300, and I went to check on him. He was playing with his cars, so I asked if I could play too. We had a good time for about twenty minutes, making up stories and buzzing our lips to make car sounds.

Then he asked to play his Thomas computer game. So I let him. Since Gracie was asleep on my bed, I went and laid down on the twin bed in the Littles' room that nobody actually uses as a bed. I read for awhile, then Sarah came and said Logan was off the computer and had fallen asleep on the couch with Megan.

I told Sarah I was headed to bed, and I asked her to keep things quiet. About 0200 I had to ask her to turn off the TV because she kept turning the volume up loud enough for me to hear it, which was disturbing my rest. She said "Ok, I'm kinda tired anyway" and she slept on the recliner with a blanket. Logan and Megan looked pretty darn cute all curled around each other like puppies.

Gracie woke up about 0830, and then I heard Megan about 10:00 and Logan and Sarah just a couple minutes after. It was nice..I laid in my bed listening and heard Megan saying "Buh-EEEE!!! Way up!!! Sisssssiiiee!! WAY UP!" as she tried to wake them up.

Everyone woke up cheerfully, and so far this morning nobody's acting wild.

I think we'll continue this.


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