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> <<Museums are good, but unschooling isn't all about museums. It's more
> about living day to day life. Ordinary days lived to the fullest. >>

Absolutely, positively true.
My son loves trains. We walk down to the tracks every day to check what's
there. Usually a tanker or hopper left on the siding, waiting for Engine 30
to come and take it away. We take the long way whenever we drive anywhere
locally, looping over as many tracks as possible. Where's Number 30 parked today?
Across from the Deli? Behind the warehouse? Down by Lizzie's?
On Thursdays during the summer we hop the bus to town to go to the Farmer's
Market. We have a car but the bus ride is part of the adventure. We have
lunch on the Square, or at Wendy's, visit the Thomas section at the department
store, cross the street to the library, and we're ready to head back home.
Mornings we walk to the park. Sometimes there's other kids there, but Jim
would just as soon roll down the hill or chase after squirrels. There's a
little creek there that we sat in last summer, throwing stones and relaxing in
the shade. It's down the bank from the park, and feels secluded.
My sister lives across the street from her city pool, so sometimes we go
there. We spend lots of time visiting my daughter. Her son is just a year
younger than mine.
With winter here, we spend more times indoors. Videos, computer,
watercolor, playdough. Books. Trains.

<<<We live in a little town. The nearest city is Harrisburg PA, about
an hour away>>>

We went to Harrisburg for a weekend in the middle of December. There was a
huge gun show there. My husband buys and sells antique and collectible
firearms and accessories. I sell scented candles. We took Jim with us and set up
two tables for the weekend. Kind of a working family vacation.

Our little town doesn't "offer" much, either. But we shop for groceries,
go to the barber, get gas (make sure to wash the windows each time), visit the
nursery (Jimmy loves pansies and gets a new pot of them for about a buck and a
half at every visit), take the cardboard to be recycled, lots of walking and
talking to the neighbors (I used to be shy until I had Jim!). Like Sheila
said, just live your life fully. Allow your kids to do the same.
(We do museums, too. We live near the Steamtown National Historic Site,
and it's a train museum. And we visit Strasburg twice a year to ride Thomas and
visit the train museum there.)
Mary J

PS Strasburg is right there by Intercourse, and Blue Balls, and

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And we visit Strasburg twice a year to ride Thomas and
> visit the train museum there.)
> Mary J

We do too! Well, we only go ride Thomas once a year. The kids LOVE
the Choo Choo barn. Very cool to hear about unschoolers doing things
in PA. I'm not used to that!