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<Grin> In a parallel discussion on our parent-directed education
list, someone said she thinks her children learn more from Bugs Bunny and
Mr.Peabody than from some of NEA's certified "educational programming.

Which moved me to post this:

Yesterday we were off on a jaunt when 8-year-old suddenly asks why
Confederate script is worthless. The only context he would have for the Civil War
that I could think of was one of his Magic Tree House stories, but it turns
out he had seen a Scooby-Doo cartoon in which this was a plot point. He wanted
to understand more about what it meant.

We wound up having a pretty wide-ranging conversation about
revisionist history, such as what if England had won the American Revolution, or if his
father and I had never met.

(I would be someone else! he chimes with unnerving delight <g>) JJ

jnjstau@... writes:

> When she was about 11, Adriane was watching a show and the joke was that a
> black kid didn't know who Harriett Tubman was. Adriane laughed like she got
> the joke. I asked her if she knew who Ms. Tubman was and she said yes. She
> had learned about the underground railroad watching Sister Sister. Go
> figure.
> Sorry its so long....just wanted to say, relax, enjoy.

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