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<< I AM one of those organized people, and my point was that just because
*I* want things 'organized' doesn't make it IMPORTANT. I think it's almost
always the organized people that hold the resentment towards the
less-than-organized. >>

Sometimes my husband cleans the kitchen. Not often. If he did it often, or
did it with me, that might be better. He doesn't like to be in the kitchen
with another person, though. It really bothers him to bump into somone, and I
don't like it when he puts things away, generally, because he's irritating.

I have places things go. Muffin pans are just stacked in with pizza pans and
cookie sheets. The organization has two priorities: (1) the thing last used
goes on top, unless (2) that will make the pile unstable, in which case it
goes wherever keeps it from falling.

Keith thinks that's wrong. But his new improved way will take more room or
result in an unstable pile.

I have a drawer for sharp things and another drawer for things used for
stovetop purposes that aren't sharp. This is a safety thing. We only have one
danger-drawer. Keith doesn't understand the danger-drawer concept and
sometimes a knife or can opener or peeler is in the safe drawer.

I have old bowls stacked separately from matching sets of bowls. Keith
stacks them mixed up.

He loses things. He makes places up. It's more important to him that the
counter is cleaned off regardless of what he shoves where. I thing "shoving
where" is rude, and the counter doesn't need to be clean.

His stuff in the garage is really well organized, and sometimes I hesitate to
use something because I know I can't put it back the way it was wrapped up
and I probably can't reach the place he had it anyway. So years ago I figured
out that I use it, I arrange it artfully in the middle of a space, and I
apologize to him for not having put it back. That makes him happy. He puts it
back. It's better for me than the result of my having put it back in the wrong
place, or turned righty instead of lefty.

He wanted to use our old computer. I cleaned off about eight square feet of
desk space (it's a door on short filing cabinets). That made him happy. I
totally removed the hamster and most of my regular stuff so he could lay whole
folders out on flat space. Cheap thrills for him, that I did a totally

Lucky for me I remembered where I put the hamster.

We've been together 25 years, so I guess he's survived the organization I
have which really looks like no organization, and I've survived his
looks-like-organization which is sometimes just "clean some flat space at any cost."