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<< I really, REALLY wouldn't want to model for my children that income could
legitimately tied to the unpredictable whim of an employer in the "REAL"
world. >>

Waiting tables occurred to me. <g>
Sometimes it's whim, sometimes it's generosity, sometimes it's you impress
the heck out of them, but you can be charming and a whiz and the person is poor
or stingy or always figures tips mathematically.

Kirby got a $75 Christmas bonus at work. It came with pay stub and all.
They had figured out how much income would work out to $75 net. He didn't
expect it, but I think it was based on something. Sales or hours or something.

Keith gets incentive stuff sometimes at Honeywell, and "prize" kind of gifts
sometimes. Usually stuff. They have little catalogs. When he passes
"anniversaries" (lately, 15 years) he gets to choose something. Last time he got an
electric juicing machine. Last month they finished some project or another
on deadline and got gift certificate credit of some sort they can spend online
at one of several stores. He's finally going to learn to use the Amazon
site, and probably will buy music.

This is not written in defense of tying allowance to chores. It's just an
information dump of some sort, about the real world not even being so
consistently dollar-per-hour sometimes.