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> You could buy new dishes at a garage sale and throw your old ones away if
> you're just tired of looking at them. That might make doing dishes more
> fun.

I threw my old ones out and have started collecting random colorful
dishes...fiestaware, etc. It has made a world of difference for me. I keep forgetting
to call the dishwasher repairman to fix our leaking dishwasher, and instead
have been washing them by hand. It has become a "thinking time" for me. I
choose to wash them by hand. And it has actually become enjoyable to me because of
the new colorful dishes.

What I don't like is sorting the silverware. It didn't bother me a bit when
the divider broke. I just dump them in the drawer now...hahahaha. I know one
of these days I "should" ( I suppose) have more order to that drawer..but boy,
what fun it is to just dump all of them in...it must be my inner child coming
out <<G>>.


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