>>Recommending convoluted connections to a child isn't a child making a
connection. It's an adult making a confusing recommendation.
Or even some things which really are helpful to people- if they need them-
are really *unhelpful* to people if they don't need them-

When I was in high school there was a whole section in our English book
about the difference between "effect" and "affect"- I remember thinking,
why would anyone need that? It is so clear which is which, I never ever
even thought of them as similar words- I pronounced them differently in my

BUT after that "lesson" I, from then on- till NOW,- get them mixed up.

Don't be giving me stuff I don't want or need.

>>I heard it on an unschooling board too, and Marty, the only lefty of our
kids, was helped by me just drawing that one time and saying "look how 'bed'
looks." That was enough. I showed him at the moment he cared and was

>>If we just wait until they need the information, then simple and clear
very likely work.

Wait for when I care and am asking- then give it to me simply and clearly
with no extra "fluff" you think I should know.