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> Sometimes memory aids aren't straightforward but they're easier than what
> someone is trying to memorize. Every Good Boy Deserves Favor, Roy G. Biv, --
> there's one for the planets that I'm forgetting -- don't have anything to do
> with music, colors (or planets if I could remember it) but they're catchy
> and help someone remember something that doesn't have an obvious pattern or
> obvious visual or other relationship to what it's representing.

I've read this same explanation for feats like memorizing the phone
book -- the memorizer takes lists of unrelated items and creates vivid pictures
in his own mind (the weirder the better) and plugs them all into some
relationship between them (maybe seeing all the items hanging on a tree or positioned
along one street of houses or storefronts.)

But it's just one tool. I agree memory is way overrated in schoolish
thinking as the equivalent of learning. So imo, memory < learning. JJ

p.s. mnemonic comes from the Greek root for "remember" -- didn't remember,
just looked it up. :)


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