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I saw it and enjoyed it but here was my stupid moment of the week -- I was so
relieved to hear there was going to be a Part 2. I hadn't caught that --
guess I missed the beginning, like so many shows -- and at the end of Part 1, I
wondered whaaa??-like if that was all and what it meant. I hope all will be
clarified next Sunday. At least some of it. :)


P.S. The best part imo was Roy Cohn's explanation of how he has sex with men
but is not a homosexual -- as sexual labels in DC politics and elsewhere are
about power -- with homosexuals of 1985 not having much of it.

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**It really only takes once to become terminally ill
with HIV or chronically ill with herpes or syphilis,
or even just very ill with the clap or yeast

Going off on a tangent here, but did anyone see Angels in America (part
1) on HBO on Sunday? (Or previously on stage?)

Very impressive and heartbreaking.

Part 2 will be on this Sunday night, 8pm EST.


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