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You've got them in the bedroom? I've got three in my living room. My son's
bikes are too expensive to be on the porch or in the unlocked shed, so I
get them in the living room . . . sigh.


YES.. and for the same reasons your son's are in the LR. Dh does not want
them to get stolen or for them to be in the elements. He has a collection of
over 50 bikes ( LOL, they are not all in the BR).. Most of them are hanging
in our garage and workshop. He has 3 he keeps in the BR, lovingly draped with
sheets to keep the dust off.. I am so accustomed to having them in the BR, I
don't think twice about it.. but when a friend saw them parked up here, she
was befuddled.. LOL.. She said " uh, does he think he can ride them in his
dreams"" LOL. She also said "My Dh loves golf, but he doesnt take his clubs to
be with him" . He also brings his "projects" up here to work on in his
little bike corner. It's warm and dry and he has a nice place to sit and he can
watch TV. Hey, if anyone is in the market for a restored vintage
lightweight bike, you know who to email ! :-)


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