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> One doesn't *embrace* homosexuality, unless you mean coming to terms with
> the sexuality one has been born with. There is nothing a parent can do to
> cause or prevent homosexuality.
> ************************
> I read this to mean that, beyong accepting it, they were enthusiastic. LOL
> Kathryn

Actually, that's pretty much how I meant it in the first place! :)

The lesbians and gay guys I know personally are very comfortable being
who they are.

The list might be interested in this btw: our capital city newspaper
has a fulltime reporter who also writes a weekly parenting-family column and is
enthusiastic about her homosexuality. She and her life partner have two sons
together and also are a mixed-religion family (Christian-Jewish.) She writes
very poignantly about all kinds of issues, including their run-ins as two moms
at the boys' schools, blending the holiday traditions and recently, about the
gay marriage thing and whether or not they take this new opportunity to
legally marry each other.

The link for the newspaper is www.tallahassee.com and the columnist's
name is Sharon Rauch. JJ

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