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Your right, not all will do it the same and we dont. The life examples and
stories given by this poster are no where near different styles of parenting in
the unschooling thinking many of us know. Some of what was written by her
cannot be displayed as unschooling example it more fits a page on the rights of
spanking. Just doesn't fit and never will. If she wasn't religious would we be
considering it as possible to Unschool this way? I think not.
I think people can be religious and unschool if they can tweak but I haven't
met one in person yet.

Laura (who is still shocked her close friend confirmed today that they
believe the Christian/more babies/taking over the world beliefs) no they are not
unschoolers. Unschooling doesn't follow their beliefs <sigh>
<<In both and all directions on this "extreme" thread. Respect for how
approach these deeply personal subjects, it seems to me, would be an
important part of unschooling. Acknowledging that not every family will do it
yours. Some of us are not religious at all, some are, some have had good life
experiences, some deeply traumatic -- all of these things and more inform how
unschool and live. But we probably all get that. :)


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