--- amycats2@... wrote:
> A site encouraging "quiverfulls" and asking for
> funds to help reverse tubal
> ligations or vaectomies:
> <A HREF="http://quiverfull.com/">Quiver Full Home
> Page</A>

This is kind of funny to me, because I go to a fundie
Christian church, and used to listen to the quiverful
conversations and feel bad because we only had two (at
the time), but not from lack of trying. (My third
child was born 7 years after my second, and he has
been my total joy because I had been told I
couldn'thave any more.)

I was told that sin in my life kept me from having
more children, or told in a patronizing way, "well,
dear, God only gives us just what we can handle..." as
if I weren't as capable of these other mothers of
handling more children.

Anyway, the reason this is amusing to me is that now
that these women are approaching or just past 40,
suddenly all the husbands seem to be getting
vasectomies. They suddenly have a "peace" about not
having any more children. Yes, some of them have
anwhere from 3 to 8 children, and one family has
10...but the husbands are all getting snipped, and it
didn't have to do with how many children they have but
how the moms were getting close to 40 and deciding
they were through.


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