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I posted the original violin question....and I did get my dd one on ebay.
I tried to find one that had all the "right" qualities...so time will tell.
(Thank you so much JJ for asking your friend. I do appreciate it...and all
others that have given advice)
>>I guess I don't truly understand this cardboard box idea - especially for
the child who has been asking for a real violin consistently for the last
two years.<<<
Well... I know for a fact my dd would not go for a "box"... ( she's made many
already herself over the years<<G>>). That might be appropriate if
"I" was to suggest she learn violin...but not now , when she is so passionate
about it on her own.

>>>As for the china analogy, Jayn has several tea sets. Some are china. She
also has a number of fragile china dolls. She knows they are breakable and
plays with them accordingly. Some have had broken limbs from accidents, and
I have repaired them.<<<
This reminds me...Chloe asked for a Nativity set for Christmas last year
( age 4)...she wanted her very own.
I hard a hard time finding a child's one..so I got her a "china one". She
was so very careful and treated it with the utmost respect. Now and then I did
have to glue on hands that fell off by accident <<G>>.
Children ARE very capable beings.

I can't wait to see those blue eyes on Christmas morning...wide-eyed and
speechless no doubt <<G>>.


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