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For what it's worth, I think that people tend to right OR left brained, and so maybe the children are just literary (right) minded. Built that way, inherited from a parent etc., rather than "going to heal" into math (left) minded people.

My (right brain) thots
Tim T.

PS. then maybe you won't feel (right-brain) as much guilt.

> I wish I could undo the damage I did.

Sigh. I understand! This happened with my DD and arithmetic
(calculation.) I think she's finally beginning to come out of it as a teenager, but
maybe it's just my wishing or hoping.

I'll never know if she could have enjoyed as much astonishing success
as a self-motivated mathematical mind as she's enjoying as an unschooled
literary mind. I really do wish I could undo whatever damage my "teaching" attempts
caused. But OTOH, thank goodness all is not lost. :) JJ