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That's not the kind of reading that helps kids read chapter books in bed at

I've collected lots of reading accounts here:
I'll add a small one here. :)

DS was an early reader -- I think he was born reading. :)

DD asked to be taught to read -- demanded it -- "everyone but me can read!!!"
-- at about 6. We browsed through various "how to" books on line and she
picked the "100 Easy Lessons" book. She did about the middle third of that book.
Which I think is important. That we didn't do every page and feel obligated to
start at the beginning or finish it.

And we have tons and tons of books around.

So now she reads -- it took about a year for enough things to click that she
was an independent reader.

But I also will add in that we are not among the "reading a book under the
covers crowd." DS reads the papers and when he needs to read to do something. He
has never enjoyed fiction. DD likes a good story but isn't obsessed about it
-- she'll take out a few books a week from the library (another good reading
tool btw - your own library card :) ) and likes to read but isn't about to
tackle Harry Potter. Sometimes I read posts online and they seem to suggest that
kids across America are in bed with Harry P and that just isn't so in this
house. And that's just fine. :)


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