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ooooooh my Gawd! I have your son's twin sister!!!!!! This is sooooo my
7yr old dd.. I was starting to get concerned that she wasn't like others.
Thanks for the reassurance!!!

Mary wrote:
It makes perfect sense to me. I think Joe and I have both gone through this
with Joseph. He's just not the "typical" boy we rather expected in a very
loose kind of way. He doesn't like to get dirty and he doesn't especially
like sports. He loves his sports camp one day a week for a few hours, but
that's as far as it goes. He's a perfectionist and that means sometimes he
won't even try something if he thinks he won't be perfect the first time.
He's not silly like some kids can be. He's a lot more serious minded. You
can't kid with him or joke with him like the other kids. (I'm meaning ours)
He doesn't like surprises. He's always questioning everything all the time.
He comes up with tough questions. He's not at all easy going like the girls
are. It's hard sometimes to know what he needs.

But he's also very bright and engaging in conversation. He has us look at
things in ways we never have before. He's honest to a fault. He's also kind
and sensitive. He's very aware of things around him. Especially little
things. He has a memory to rival none and that comes in handy a lot.
Especially since Joe and I have lost ours lately! He hs an incredible
imagination and is so good at making up new games and coming up with
wonderful ideas. He plays so well with other kids and is especially kind and
sweet with his baby sister. He knows how to speak his mind without hurting
feelings. He's very comfortable being alone and playing or reading. He's
helpful to me when I ask and many times even when I don't. He loves the
family and he loves this house. He has a wonderul smile. And when you do
hear that laugh of his, as infrequent as it comes, it will make you laugh
out loud with joy. He's a great friend and a really cool kid to be around.
He is so much more than we could have hoped for. He's a wonderful son.

Mary B.

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